My interest in photographer started many years ago. I had an uncle who was an avid photographer, and I recall looking in wonder at his collection of cameras in his home but always had around his neck. Sometimes I'd even get to use them - under his ever watchful eye.


I recall a moment in 1990, when I took it upon myself to record a family event in a photo-journalistic style. I loved the process and what I was able to capture, and couldn't wait to have my rolls of film developed so that I could show them off. To this day I still love those photographs.


But life, as is its habit, got in the way. Photography took a back seat to many, many things.


It wasn't until my daughter, who was ten at the time, said to me that she wanted to become a famous photographer and travel the world to capture images that I began to look at photography again as a medium. I haven't looked back since! 


I love digital photography for its immense versatility. One camera can now do so much that film cameras lacked. However I am also an avid film photographer, and enjoy the slower and more thoughtful "nose to tail" process it requires.  For me the most important part in capturing a really good photograph is being mindful of what happens in front of you.  It also has to have balance and simplicity: if it doesn't need to be there, it doesn't need to be there. Everything else can come later in the digital age, but without those key ingredients, they will never be quite right.


I also have a passion for restoring old photographs, slides and negatives. Often these images have either been so badly damaged and ignored or not seen for years that they have left peoples memory. To bring those back to life, and see those treasured moments again is a privilege.





Brett Jennings

Brett Jennings